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With smaller cost and faster service, Apollo defense system keeps your business safe and secure.

Apollo Advantages

Deploy in one location and defense against attacks from all over the world.
Automatically-activated defense against sudden heavy-traffic DDoS attack

Compass' Apollo Defense has multiple large-capacity nodes. At present, anti-attack capability of a single node can reach 400Gbps. At the same time Apollo Defense System's smart dispatching center can automatically adjust network resources according to the attack situation. The overall anti-attack capability can reach 2T+ Gbps. When a heavy traffic attack occurs, Apollo guarantees no interruption for your business online.

On-demand protection to reduce your cost

Compass Apollo Defense can provide protection according to the DDoS attack situation. For example, when a heavy traffic attack occurs, the entire network resource is activated to defend the attack for the user. After the attack, the redundant resource is dispatched away smartly. You do not need to worry about failing at the attack or wasting your investment on defense.

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Free of deployment and maintenance

With Apollo, you do not need to change the current topology of your website or add any hardware. You can enjoy professional traffic cleansing service simply by creating a CNAME or modifying the IP. At the same time, Apollo's monitoring platform provides 7*24 network-wide monitoring to ensure an always available, stable service. What's more, Apollo protection can quickly detect any types of attacks, alarm the system and take emergency actions if needed.

We respond to emergency with effectiveness

How fast the support team responds to a sudden heavy-traffic DDoS attack directly affects whether you can tide over the attack. Apollo's dedicated support team provides one-on-one customized service for its users. It guarantees timely response when a large-scale attack occurs and provides various emergency plans to ensure that your business is not affected.

DDoS Attack Status

Statistics from 2010 to 2016 in mainland China


6-time growth

Amount of DDoS attack peak traffic has increased by 6 times


20% incidents of server down

20% of downtime incidents in Internet data centers are caused by DDoS attacks


Sum of attack traffic

The sum of the attack traffic in 2016 is 343217205.59GB


Attack peak bandwidth

The highest defense bandwidth at the attack peak in 2016 reached 452120MB


Cost of initiating an attack

7 dollars can afford a DDos attack

Service Steps

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