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Internet challenges for the financial industry

Regulations are getting more Strict.

Point 1 Traditionally, financial data centers require regulatory inspection before they can start their transactions. Additionally, if you choose to build your own data center, you must afford the high cost and the long wait. It is very easy to miss the fleeting industry "window".

Point 2 The laws and regulations for Internet finance are becoming more strict. Development is subject to more constraints.

Software is Difficult to select.

Point 1 The cost of Financial industry software is high. It often sells at over hundreds of thousand, which leads to high decision-making risks. Once you choose a software that is not suitable, you will suffer huge losses in money and industry timing.

Point 2 There is a wide range of softwares you can choose in financial industry. So one of the biggest headaches for OPS directors is to find the most cost-effective software that matches its own business.

Hardware cost is High.

Point 1 Servers for the financial industry are usually about $3000 to $5000. Once the initial project starts, you will face the high cost of purchasing hardware as well as the huge capital pressure. Moving on, you also need to spend a lot on investing in ongoing hardware operation and maintenance.

Network threat is Huge.

Point 1 The financial industry has been a major target group for cyber hackers.

Point 2 The ways of cyber attack are changing with each passing day driven by the interests. They are becoming more subtle and more difficult to defend.

Point 3 Today, a DDoS attack of a regular scale costs as much as a McDonald's meal. Because of the low cost, more people can easily "attempt" to launch an attack.

Structure of our solutions
Consultation Service

We develop a financial data center plan and give you advice on the latest policies

Software Service

We evaluate softwares for you and we give discounts on software purchasing.

Hardware Service

We offer dedicated servers of top brands at prices that are lower than the market. You also have various payment plans to choose from.

Internet Data Center service

We provide our financial customers with special data centers, featured with 600G DDoS defense bandwidth.

Product Advantage

Our rich experience in the financial industry has enabled us to provide a package of services that ranges from policy consulting, IT architecture, software selection, hardware procurement to hardware leasing, financial plans, top-rated data centers, etc. Our customers benefit from a lower decision-making cost, better user experience and more smooth business transactions.

Rich experience in the industry

Compass technology has years of experience serving the financial industry. We have maintained close communication with the banking industry in China, National Banking Regulatory Commission, National Insurance Regulatory Commission, National Securities Regulatory Commission, National Financial Office, and National Internet Security. You can rely on us for an in-depth understanding and interpretation of the various policies in the financial sector.

Industrial resources integration

Compass technology has strategic partnerships with well-known software providers. Through numerous cases with our partners in the financial software industry, we fully understand the pros and cons of each software provider.

Top-tier data centers

Our financial data centers are equipped with high-quality network reinforcement throughout China. We use Apollo Defense System, our own product that is based on high quantum encryption technology to ensure a comprehensively safe network for financial institutions.

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